At Hencorp, we are committed to the financial success of our clients, while simultaneously creating value for our shareholders.

Our cooperative culture originates and has developed in an environment of total transparency, responsibility, and personal and professional growth.

A unified team with a passion for excellence has contributed to the growth and success of our clients, as well as our company.

Hencorp Capital Markets Division (HCMD)

HCG’s Capital Markets Division (HCMD) serves clients in partnership with its Non-Bank lending operation. HCMD provides a wide range of financia! services, from origination and structuring, to financing and asset management.
The origination team works directly with issuers including corporations, banks and government related lnstitutions seeking funding. HCMD advises clients on debt financing strategies, from simple, plain vanilla bond issuance, to multi-million-dollar capital raising through sophisticated structured finance products.
Serving corporate, institutional and government clients, Hencorp’s presence in Latin American and Caribbean (“LAC”) capital markets is unmatched. The firm combines debt origination and structuring expertise with exceptional distribution capabilities to a large base of both institutional and retail market investors. asset management.

Hencorp Valores is the leading securitization company in the region. lt manages a total of 31 Securitization Funds (SPVs) which have issued securities for more than US$ 1,500 Million and currently holds an 85% industry market share in the Salvadorean Capital Market.
Hencorp Casa de Corredores de Bolsa complements Hencorp Valores as part of a vertical integration strategy to deliver successful marketing, pricing and distribution of bond issuances to investor clients. lt provides custody services for assets with market value exceeding US$ 300 Million, for up to 200 clients.
Hencorp Gestora is the second largest investment fund manager in El Salvador. Manages assets for more than US$ 415 million in 3 investment funds: i) Hencorp Opportunity Fund is a money market open-end fund with an average historical annual return of 5.25% and ii) Hencorp Fixed Income Fund is a long-term closing fund with an average historical annual return of 8.5% and iii) Hencorp Growth Fund is Real Estate Fund with a 6.90% annualized historical return.

Titularice & TICA are recently founded securitization companies operating in Colombia and the Dominican Republic with the objective of consolidating the regional operations of Hencorp’s Capital Markets Division, actively seeking cross border opportunities and synergies.