Hencorp, or Henriquez Corporation, was founded by the Henriquez Family from El Salvador.
The Henriquez Family business conglomerate is currently operated by its Third Generation out of its Family Office in Miami, Florida.

Henriquez family current business interests include, but are not limited to:

Hencorp Capital Group (HCG)

The Hencorp Capital Group (HCG) is Hencorp’s current operating division, based in Miami, Florida. HCG is led by Mr. Victor Henriquez, a member of the Henriquez Family’s third generation.
The HCG identifies and originates opportunities to provide credit solutions to leading Corporations in Latin America, through financial instruments that may be participated to sophisticated investors through the Over the Counter or the regional Capital Markets.

HCG’s specializes, through its Non-Bank lending operation, in short-term, revolving credit facilities, currently managing a loan portfolio, with Borrowers in twelve countries, of approximately one Billion US$. HCG currently operates with offices in Miami, Monterrey, San Salvador and Madrid.
Short term lending is served through two main Loan Booking Centers, in the United States and in Spain.

Hencorp also operates a significant Capital Markets regulated division in El Salvador, which includes a Securitization entity, a Brokerage firm, and a Fund Manager, with more than one Billion US$ under management.
Hencorp is also a co-founder and strategic partner in regulated securitization entities in Colombia and in the Dominican Republic.

HCG's Timeline

Hencorp was established almost 40 years ago in Miami, Florida, inicially focusing on a regulated trade business with commodities.